Post pandemic software solutions for the construction industry

Post pandemic software solutions for the construction industry

Touchless check-in/check-out from the construction site

As construction companies bring their employees together again and reopen construction sites, numerous calculations need to be made to provide an environment that will keep workers safe, healthy and productive. One area in particular that will need to be updated, is the system employees use to check themselves in and out. Instead, a touchless system can be implemented in order to comply with health and safety, limit the spread of the virus and still retain employee information and data.

Touchless check-in check-out

How does a touchless check-in system work?

A new touchless system would help streamline the job site check-in process for construction workers and those visiting the construction site. Employees and visitors would be required to point their smartphone at a unique QR code posted at the job site and then answer COVID-19 health-related questions required by local health directives. What is important, no download is required. After this, the employee or visitor will be denied or approved access to the construction site and receive a daily digital entry badge.

All of the data and information is collected and stored securely, in a way which ensures data privacy for those entering the site. At the same time, site supervisors can see the health status of all onsite employees and visitors, as well as immediately being notified of potential health issues.

How does a touchless check-in system work?

The benefits of updating your check-in system

By implementing a new system you will not only be ensuring the health and safety of all those entering your construction site but you will also be able to access real-time data whenever you need it. A touchless visitor management system can help you to optimise time management and automate some of your time keeping processes.

For those working in construction a major concern in the current climate is the lack of systems that are compliant with new health and safety regulations. A modern visitor management solution which allows for touchless check-in and -out can help your workplace thrive. It will also streamline your business processes that will result in financial savings that follow improved business workflows.

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