Smartwatches in healthcare

Smartwatches in healthcare

Smartphones allow you to keep in touch with friends and family members from all over the world, cloud computing makes it possible for you to work from home or even from the Bahamas, with a little bit of augmented reality you can play a game in the world surrounding you while with the virtual reality headset on you can literally travel to another dimension. For most of us it is hard to imagine life without technology as it has made it far easier and more comfortable than expected, but what makes it even greater is technology can also make your life healthier – thanks to smartwatches.

What is a smartwatch?

Yes, I had a calculator watch in elementary school and yes, it did make me feel like I could move mountains. A smartwatch, however, is just a bit better due to the Internet connection. A calculator is only one of many functions a smartwatch has, along with GPS navigation and calendar synchronization. By connecting it to your smartphone, you can actually use it as one, sending and receiving text messages, listening to music or even using Tinder! There are, however, different kinds of apps you can run on your smartwatch, including ones that let you monitor your health conditions.

1. For mothers-to-be

Starting with the most interesting one, the Lisa. It was created by Li Xuejian who was inspired by his wife going through her own pregnancy. Even though it is not an app, but a smartwatch, it records your baby’s motions, syncs it to your smartphone and provides you with a medical analysis. That way you can track your baby’s development right from the womb. For those future Mums who want to stay fit during their pregnancies, the Lisa can also work as a calorie tracker.

2. For making sure your kids are safe

Once the baby is born, you do your best to keep it safe and protect it. We all know how hard it can be sometimes and that is why a lot of smartwatches are here to help you, with hereO being the most popular one. The smartwatch has a built-in GPS tracker connected to your smartphone that lets you monitor your child’s exact whereabouts while your little treasure is playing outside. It will also activate an alarm if anyone, even the child, removes the watch from its wrist. Plus, it comes in extremely lovely designs your child will definitely love.

3. For having a good night’s sleep

It might be hard to find balance in such a busy world we all live in. There is a reason why everyone is talking about healthy habits all the time, with sleeping at the very top of the list, as the way you sleep (or not) may influence the rest of your day. Sleep as Android is a fantastic app for those of you who have trouble sleeping. The app tracks your sleep and then shows you an analysis, it also records you talking in your sleep, but the best thing about it is the alarm. The app learns your sleep cycle and if you’re in your deep sleep, it wakes you up a bit earlier so you don’t feel awful in the morning.

4. For monitoring your glucose

Consumer Technology Association (CES) events are usually all about technologies that make your life easier, but some of them can actually save it. This year in Las Vegas, a French startup called PKVitality showed their K’Track Glucose Watch Sensor that monitors your BG level directly through your skin. The watch has a set of microneedles underneath the watchface that painlessly penetrate the top layer of your skin and analyze interstitial fluid. If you have ever heard of GlucoWatch, K’Track Glucose Watch Sensor is most probably its faster and more accurate version. It also looks better on your wrist.

5. For losing weight

It is no longer about having this “perfect” body, but about being healthy, that’s why activity trackers are definitely the most popular healthcare wearables. There’s a lot of apps that measure how many calories you have burnt, how many steps you have taken, how many kilometres you have run, but there is also FitBit, a brand creating smartwatches that do all of that and beyond. The smartwatches track your sleep, monitor your heart rate, some of them let you receive a call or a text message as well. Analyzing all the data your FitBit watch collects, you can easily figure out the best ways to keep fit, healthy and, what is the most important, happy.

Smartwatches may not be the most popular wearable technologies there are, but there is no doubt you can benefit a lot from wearing one. If you still prefer your smartphone when it comes to texting, listening to music or using Tinder, think about your health as this little device can save your life one day. Will you be wearing one then?

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