The best free web-based UX design prototyping tools

Prototyping tools like Moqups, Quirktools, Wireframe, and Invision App streamline web design, enabling clear visualization of ideas, facilitating collaboration, and optimizing design processes, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective web development.

A prototyping tool comes in handy when you want to achieve exceptional UX or if you want to work on designing your website. It is an excellent tool to show potential web developers what you want your website to look like. There are four very easy-to-use prototyping tools: Moqups, Quirktools, Wireframe, and Invision App. Each of these can potentially change how you work with your web designers and graphic teams. These tools should reduce costs and make the workload more accessible and faster for your teams.

Wireframing works off what the website can do, not how it will appear with colours, images, and details. It is a skeleton. Moqups, Quirktools, and Wireframe work in this barebones realm of design prototypes. Invision is different because it allows you to see things in colour and how they will work when they are live on the web for users to access.


Moqups is a useful tool to help you build a template, enabling your design team to understand your ideas better. You can create the wireframes for them, allowing them to transfer the ideas to the live site and add their marketing and graphic design touches. Moqups gives you the creative outlet to put your favourite tools and features on a demo website so your design team can have all your ideas in one place. Moqups leaves the graphic and design work to the professionals but provides you with a sample to show. The tool is easy to use. However, the results seem professional.


Quirktools is a tool that you can use within the web browser. It allows you and your trusted board of advisors to illustrate and collaborate while creating the basic design for your website. It gives you a place to put your ideas together and build a blueprint for the graphic design team to use as a template.


Wireframe is an interface that starts with the bare minimum. It allows you to insert your elements, add your splashes of colour, and provides a layout you can share with your graphic design team. The graphic designers will be able to work off your wireframe to create the website that will go live on the web.


Invision App is one of our favourite tools because it can be integrated easily with Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator. Envision allows you to upload images, hook up to hotspots, and create interactions such as a live, usable app. Invision is one of the premier tools because you can upload your images onto the app to see how they will appear on the web or the mobile web.

These tools are much better than sketching on paper or a whiteboard to share ideas. They also replace the printable templates that have been used in the past. Moqups, Quirktools, and Wireframe provide a way to put your ideas in a usable format and organise them according to how they will fit in the skeleton of the website.

The Invision App is by far the easiest and most efficient way of getting your point across to the design team because they will be able to see the colours you like and the image style you prefer on your website.

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