Top benefits of using JIRA reporting and transparent processes of project management

Enhanced project visibility and transparency through JIRA software ensures client trust, effective management, and seamless communication in project development.

Gaining trust by ensuring your project is visible and transparent

Project managers ensure that project visibility, work transparency, client trust, and tracking processes are at their maximum potential. We trained our qualified project managers to carry out our clients’ project services at PMO (Project Management Office). We also implemented several tools to create a more interactive and powerful process to support our bespoke development and save costs during the customised web development system implementation. Read on to find out what the top benefits are of using our JIRA reporting, and our transparent process of project management.

The need to improve project visibility

Improving visibility is important for guaranteeing transparency throughout all stages of our projects. It also allows us to make more informed and effective decisions about project management. In these tough times especially, it has become even more crucial for us to improve the way that we identify risks throughout project implementation.

By identifying risks and reporting quickly on our priorities, our software development process enables us to build a win-win situation with clients. This allows our projects to flow as they should and nurtures better and stronger partnerships with our clients.

The only constant is change

The working environment is constantly changing. We need to keep up with these changes and project reports need to be relevant to current client needs. This means we need to adjust those reports from time to time.

To build a trustworthy project process, it is essential for us to hold in-depth consultations with project stakeholders. These consultations are both external and internal. Consulting with our clients creates a personal touch, gains their trust and allows us to respond to their needs.

Our improved project reporting focuses on providing our clients with clear visibility of:

  • The project progress
  • Tasks statuses
  • Priorities
  • Questions asked by the team
  • Tasks quotes
  • Finances

Managing costs and finances are currently the most in-demand skills. We, therefore, need to focus on providing clear instructions to our team to do exactly what is needed, eliminate the wasted time spent on unnecessary activities, and give our clients access to our reporting tools.

Tools which provides us project transparency

We enjoy the most out of our processes by utilising JIRA software. This software has two modules that fit well with our approach; JIRA Tempo and JIRA Portfolio. These two tools will automatically obtain all the data we need for internal and external reporting.

We also work hard to craft customer-friendly JIRA dashboards that allow us to view all the necessary information and data from one screen. JIRA software gives us easy control and visibility at various levels such as staff, costs, revenue, progress, and roadmap.

Challenges and how to overcome them

Changes at a global level are always a major challenge. This is why we decided to ask for help, by hiring a consultant with expertise in configuring JIRA to tailor clients’ needs. We hope that this move will allow us to implement change quickly and smoothly.

Making clients work easier

To reassure the client and keep them informed throughout our partnership, we are taking several measures. Firstly, we are introducing new reporting to the clients, and training the clients to understand it. We are empowering them to identify the advantages of the process for themselves. This will enable them to get the best out of the service, ease tension and maximise their customer service experience.

Non-technology-savvy clients

It does not and should not matter if a client is technology-savvy or not. We help all of our customers directly throughout the whole project lifecycle. We are experts and our job is to guide a client by the hand, to make the process the most user friendly it can be. Training is completed through teleconferencing in the initial project phases, and whenever a customer needs clarification on any information they find on the JIRA. We also provide a short tutorial that demonstrates the most important features of the JIRA software. These tutorials use simple, non-technical language that can be understood by any customer.

Benefits of using JIRA

JIRA software gives clients an easy method of communication. The communication is standardised, and every client enjoys using it during the bespoke software development process.

Previously, before JIRA, we were involved in exchanging numerous emails that address issues or questions related to work that we were currently doing. JIRA allowed us to limit the number of emails we dealt with and enabled us to track mutual communication in one place. Clients are able to:

  • Raise a new task/change/issue
  • Ask questions
  • Add comments to a relevant ticket
  • Know the roadmap of project versions scheduled

A client can also view project data directly in the JIRA without having to ask for a status report. This is an easy and less time-consuming process. It allows the client to plan for their budget and helps them to reduce costs. Clients save a lot of time using the JIRA software and are able to check the project status whenever they need it. We also schedule online meetings with our clients to discuss the project progress in order to maintain a good relationship with each client.

HeadChannel team cooperation with clients on JIRA

With JIRA, all of our communication lies in one exact place. Before JIRA, communication was dispersed. Emails were sent between individuals within a team, meaning that other members of the team were left unaware of the progress. All members can now view and interact with messages that are sent, and give appropriate feedback if there is any. The client can also view any changes made to the project. Our PMO delivers a trustworthy service that can now be tracked in real-time, and all of the fantastic services it features can be accessed and used in the comfort of your own home or office.

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