Which companies can benefit from inspection software

Inspection software automates repetitive tasks, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in various industries, crucial for property, car rentals, and construction management.

One of the biggest challenges every company has to face on a daily basis is repetitive tasks. Regardless of the industry, employees often tend to stop paying close attention to the day-to-day operations they perform. This constantly growing inefficiency may lead to inaccurate results and thus an unexpected drop in sales. Luckily, modern technology offers automation which does not slow down the workflow of a company. Quite the opposite, it drives its productivity.

Inspection software is a great solution for every company which regularly conducts quality audits. Various industries can benefit from implementing such system, including letting agencies, local governments and schools. Even though the list of the industries goes on further, there are a few companies for which an inspection software solution is a must. If yours is one of them, keep on reading.

Benefits of bespoke software

When looking for new software, you have two options. You can either go bespoke or buy a ready-to-use solution. The latter is already available on the market, however, it is not flawless. The great disadvantage of off-the-shelf software is that they are meant to meet the needs of as many companies as possible. They thus contain lots of features which do not necessarily suit your requirements. Bespoke software, on the other hand, is designed and developed to meet your needs only and the development team is always there to assist you.

Key features of inspection software

No matter the industry, there are several basic functionalities which can be found in all inspection software solutions. They provide the foundation for successful inspections and thorough analyses which can be beneficial for both common and unique businesses. The key features of inspection software are:

  • Bulk import

Conducting any kind of inspection requires data concerning anything you are about to audit. However, entering information on dozens of items is more than troublesome. You can easily get rid of time-absorbing administrative paperwork and import all the lists of anything your business is dealing with. No matter the format of the list, you can have it moved to your software solution with a single click and start your inspections right away.

  • Inspection template management

With the number of inspections to conduct, building a template from scratch for each may take hours of work. Not only this, it also increases the possibility of unfilled or, the other way around, duplicated protocols. An inspection template management tool is a must which enables you to save time and make sure you always capture all the necessary information. You can either use one of a wide range of already existing customisable templates or create your own which can easily be duplicated.

  • Draft inspections

Working on site often equals working offline, which is why most inspectors are used to making notes during the inspection and then writing a full report back at the office. This way they can make sure nothing is missed and every issue is included, but it is highly time-consuming at the same time. With an inspection software, they can start their report while on site, even if there is no Internet connection, and finish it at the office. There is no limit to the number of drafts an inspector can make.

  • Software integration

Conducting inspections goes far beyond writing reports. To improve your workflow, you can integrate the software with various other systems including your calendar, mailbox and, most importantly, your internal office system. You can easily exchange all data, send emails, stay organised with inspection reminders, attach photos to reports and assign work orders, everything right from your app. This solution allows you to save hours of work and access the software from both your phone and PC. You can integrate as many tools and devices as you wish.

  • Reports

Automation is extremely important, but it is not the only thing that makes companies succeed. What matters most is their overall performance, which is impossible to measure without accurate data and comprehensible reports. An inspection software collects data concerning each of your inspections and gives you information on your business operations. You can easily spot any inefficiencies and new opportunities. Full and clear reports are generated automatically, there is no need for you to spend hours analysing your performance manually.

Who can benefit from inspection software

Conducting inspections may be only one of many business operations you deal with on a daily basis, but it may also be the main task your company performs. In both cases, a bespoke inspection software is more than helpful, especially when you are:

1. Property managers

The overall performance of property managers depends on the quality of properties they manage. The process may be exceptionally challenging as there usually are dozens of possessions which need to remain flawless before, while and after renting. However, getting an accurate insight into the state of a property is almost impossible when working manually. The job requires both noticing defects and reacting quickly.

With bespoke software, property managers can conduct a thorough inspection within minutes. Most importantly, they can react to a default and start a repair process right away. Integrating various systems with an inspection software allows them to assign work orders right away. That way they can speed the entire process and make sure the property remains in a perfect condition.

2. Car rental companies

When it comes to inspecting, the main concern for car rental companies is whether their customers return the car in a faultless condition. Unfortunately, fatal car accidents still take place too often, which is why it is extremely important for car rental companies to make sure their vehicles function the exact way they should. Conducting the inspections manually is not always accurate enough.

With bespoke software, car rental employees can easily and quickly conduct an inspection both before and right after renting a vehicle. That way they ensure the safety of their customers and meet insurance requirements at the same time, no matter the vehicle.

3. Construction managers

Working in construction requires great cooperation. Building inspectors and construction managers must be able to easily and quickly contact everyone involved the very moment they spot any inefficiency. What is more, ensuring safety on hundreds of constructions every day without a proper checklist may be troublesome.

With bespoke software, construction inspectors can easily report issues right from their mobile phones while on site, attaching photos and notes, making it possible for everyone to see the issue and fix it right away.

No matter the industry, conducting inspections equals ensuring safety, which is why it is extremely important to stay focus and provide thorough quality audits. With the number of items to inspect growing, the productivity might drop. Luckily, it is never the case with a bespoke inspection software. Allow experienced developers to suit the solution to your needs only and boost your productivity, saving hours of work at the same time.

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