Which companies can benefit from recruitment software

Recruitment software streamlines hiring processes, enhancing efficiency and candidate experiences for recruiters, event managers, and HR departments, fostering competitive advantage.

According to Richard Branson, people are at the core of any successful business. The world-wide known businessman cannot be wrong, employees are in fact responsible for all the business operations and the overall performance, which is why it is best to pay close attention to who you hire. However, the hiring process may often be challenging, especially for companies such as event staffing agencies where the number of candidates and positions to fill is bigger than anywhere else. Luckily, recruitment software is here to simplify your business.

It is important to note that recruitment companies are not the only ones authorised to use recruitment software. In fact, almost every company should be using one, no matter the size or the industry. The benefits which come from implementing such software and thus automating many hiring processes are priceless. However, there are some companies who must use recruitment software in order to remain competitive. If you wonder which ones, keep reading.

Benefits of bespoke software

A suitable software solution may be the key to success for any business. There are plenty ready-to-use software available on the market, however, they are thought to meet the needs of as many users as possible, which is why they may contain a wide range of functionalities but will still miss a few which your business deems necessary. They will, in return, slow down the workflow of your company.

With bespoke software, there is no need to compromise. As the design and development of your future solution are based on your requirements only, it is equipped with all the features you need to boost the efficiency of your team. Here you can find more advantages of bespoke software over off-the-shelf software solutions.

Key features of recruitment software

Unique businesses may require unique functionalities, but there is a wide range of basic tools which will suit the needs of every user and which should be a part of every recruitment software solution. These are:

  • Scheduling

Interviews are the very first direct contact candidates have with your company, which is why you need to ensure the company remains as professional as possible. If you are conducting a large number of interviews, it is easier to forget about one or lose your personalised approach, which may effectively discourage the applicants. An easy-to-use scheduling tool allows you to set up a meeting with a candidate and display all the necessary information from anywhere at any time.

  • Resume manager

What many recruiters experience is paperwork overload. Filtering through large piles of printed resumes and job applications slows down your workflow and limits your possibilities to find the perfect candidate. An applicant tracking feature enables you to store all of the documents online, find a resume you need with a single click, easily communicate with your applicants and manage many of your hiring process all from one platform.

  • Job boards

The Internet is one of the best places to search for candidates. However, with its ever-growing popularity, the list of relevant job-board sites is constantly growing. Posting one job offer to all of them takes hours and is thus inefficient. With a powerful software solution, you can integrate your platform with a range of various job-board sites and automate the entire process of marketing open positions. This enables you to post job offers on various sites with a single click and allows you to focus on more challenging tasks.

  • Reporting

Without an effective business intelligence tool, you can either assume you are doing a good job or rely on feedback from your candidates. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to spot inefficiencies or to improve and discover new opportunities without measuring and thoroughly analysing your performance. A software solution enables you to automatically gather and study data concerning each of your hires. That way, you know which process you can work on, both individually and as a team.

Who can benefit from recruitment software

Each company has different goals and thus implements different strategies, which is why they may find using off-the-shelf recruitment software inefficient. Bespoke software designed and developed to meet the needs of your company is a great solution for companies who wish to gain their competitive advantage, especially for:

1. Recruiters

Recruiters match more candidates to more job positions than anyone else. On a daily basis, they process a great number of resumes and job offers. What might be challenging is making sure each of the applicants finds a job and each of the positions is filled, which is why collaboration is crucial for a recruitment company to succeed. However, sharing information and filling in for your colleague during an interview without efficient tools is not possible.

With bespoke software, you can easily share candidates and their data within your team. Involving multiple employees in the hiring process enables your company to provide candidates with an excellent experience and highly personalised approach. What helps even more is sharing notes and feedback at each stage of the hiring process.

2. Event managers

Professional staff is what makes large events, such as festivals and sporting events, unique. However, finding a group of reliable part-time employees for every event is more than overwhelming. For an event to run smoothly, it takes a manager who can both train and organise their team and tackle the administrative tasks, including employment contracts and payments, at the same time. Conducting all of these operations manually takes hours of your time.

With bespoke software, you can store a list of reliable part-time employees along with their contact details online. It enables you to access the list and match candidates to job positions from anywhere at any time. Giving the staff access to the platform, you allow them to determine their availability, which speeds up the hiring process even more.

3. HR departments

No matter the industry, HR departments face a wide range of duties on a daily basis, with hiring being just one of them. The demand for new applicants is not as high, yet it has to be covered. Successful staffing is not everything, higher rates of employee retention is another worry for HR departments. Performing all steps of the hiring process manually takes a lot of time, which may make you neglect other duties.

With bespoke software, you are able to automate almost all hiring processes. Posting job offers with a single click and scheduling interviews online allows you to reduce both time and energy spent on the administrative side of hiring and thus focus on more challenging tasks.

Finding the perfect candidate might often be difficult, but not with recruitment software. No matter whether you are a full-time recruiter or an HR Specialist, automating many hiring processes allows you to provide more personalised and thus better candidate experience as you no longer waste time on administrative tasks. Thanks to business intelligence tools, you can also analyse your performance and boost the productivity of the entire company.

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