Why do we need software testing?

Software testing is essential in business, ensuring products meet expectations and function across devices, ultimately safeguarding reputation and financial investments.

Some of us follow recipes, some create new flavours. No matter in which group we are, we all taste our meal before serving it to our guests. It might be hard when it comes to baking, but once you try the taste of a proper dough, you are ready to go and start a bakery. This example can easily be reflected in every area of our life. We all test things before doing something, especially in business. That is why every company needs software testing.

Humans make mistakes, there is no shame in that. That is the way we learn. However, the fact that we all try to avoid making mistakes cannot be ignored. We are rather more cautious than brave, always minding the fact that we can make a fool out of ourselves and that can stick with us forever. When it comes to business, one mistake can ruin our company and make us lose potential clients. Therefore, we should not be surprised to see more and more IT companies hiring software testing specialists. What does this kind of person do?

The answer may seem obvious to some of you. Software testing is nothing other than a process of investigating a software item before providing it to a client in order to detect any potential differences between what we have and what we are expected to achieve. Ensuring that both versions correspond with each other may be a crucial element of our company functioning properly. How can we do it?

There are two ways we can perform software testing. The first one is, as you probably guessed, manual. A software developer runs test after test comparing the product with program expectations and taking each and every possibility into account. This method has its advantages and disadvantages, but so does automated testing. It may require some expensive tools, but there is no doubt that we can run the same tests a lot quicker using this way. The question is, will the results be better and more exact?

If you still have doubts whether you should have the product you have ordered tested, we can provide the answer. It all comes down to what we mentioned above, us being humans and humans making mistakes. How?

First, your team may come up with something brilliant, you may start considering them geniuses, but the truth is the reality does not always meet with what we think. That is why we need to make sure what we created really does what we expect it to. For example, when creating a new ground-breaking IoT application allowing you to start brewing coffee without leaving bed and using your smartphone, make sure the two devices are able to be connected.

Second, you can never predict what your client will do with the product. However silly you find the action, he or she may find a problem detecting a bug or finding the product defective. In order to avoid it we should test each and every possibility. For example, when creating a new social networking website you must check what happens when a person uses the wrong e-mail address or when his or her nickname has already been taken.

The last answer might be simple, but should never be ignored. People all around the world use different devices. We do not mean just different types of iMacs, but also smartphones, tablets, smart TVs. We want our client to be able to use his or her product everywhere and that is why we need to make sure the software corresponds with all of the devices. For example, when creating a software allowing patients to make an appointment online, you need to make sure they can do it easily no matter which device they use.

If you need more, let us convince you using just one word – money. Having the product tested may cost you a little more of both money and time, but it helps you save great amounts of money in the long term, avoiding detecting a potential bug that requires removing or repairing, but also protecting your reputation. Each of your products represents you and if you cannot provide proper software to your client, he or she will lose confidence and go to another company, letting others know on the way

Manual or automated, software testing is a crucial part of creating a prospering software. It can both ruin and make the company famous. If you are sensible, you are in the middle of making a call to the company ordering some test now.

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