Why you should invest in a mobile app for your business

Investing in mobile apps enhances customer experience with personalized content, brand building, convenience, speed, increased visibility, and engaging interactions.

The most critical asset to your company are your customers, so it is crucial to pay attention to the customer experience you provide. One way of doing so is to invest in user experience design and offer your customers a mobile application. According to Oracle, over 50% of young people claim they would neither buy a product from a company which offers a poor mobile app experience nor would they recommend such a company to their friends. Taking into consideration the fact that mobiles are nowadays more popular than PCs, how exactly can your company benefit from investing in a mobile application for your business?

Provide personalised experience

Improve the user experience by providing your customers with personalised content which they can access right from the app’s home screen. You can offer products similar to the ones your users have already bought or information on topics they have previously searched for. Adjusting the content to their age, region and behaviours can be equally beneficial as it allows you to easily increase customer engagement and drive sales.

  • Build your brand with unique features

Mobile apps allow you to build a stronger relationship with your customers and promote your business by creating unique offers for mobile users, such as special sales offers available exclusively on the app or simply a loyalty programme where users gain points, which they can then exchange by buying your products.

If your business requires making appointments or reservations, you can build a mobile app which enables users to do not only that but also to receive notification reminders and synchronise events with their calendar, all of which simplifies the process of confirming or cancelling a meeting.

  • Become closer to your customers

Mobile applications are a great way to gain new customers and drive sales as they enable shopping from anywhere at any time. Instead of going to the physical store at a given time or phoning your business to make an order, your customers can easily order products or services via their phone. For example, when Domino’s Pizza launched their mobile app their overall profits were boosted by over 40%. By enabling your clients to use your services entirely through the mobile app, you make engaging with your company easier and more efficient.

  • Speed up customer experience

Mobile applications are not only faster than their PC versions, they can also streamline many processes by using mobile features. For example, many companies, including banks, enable their customers to log into the system by using fingerprints or facial identification instead of entering a password. You can also provide your clients with offline access to the most important parts of your mobile app, for example, various documents or personal details

  • Increase visibility

The greatest benefit that comes from offering your customers a mobile app is the possibility to increase your brand’s visibility. Simply having an app installed on a mobile serves as a great reminder when your customers repeatedly see your logo whilst scrolling through their apps. Additionally, you can easily set up push notifications to remind users about your offer even if they do not open the app frequently. This way, you encourage customers to become more engaged with your company.

  • Examples

HeadChannel Ltd. has designed and built multiple mobile applications including mobile games, such as Property Magnate, a real estate mobile game which makes users more aware of the property industry in the UK whilst playing and having fun, as well as an application for a staff management company which corresponds with their web-based platform and enables temporary employees to remotely access the company site in order to search for additional shifts. If you are still questioning how a mobile application can benefit your business, contact us.

Regardless of the industry, mobile apps are an excellent opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers and thus drive sales. By creating unique sales offers for mobile app users as well as incorporating push notifications and reminders, you make it easier for consumers to stay engaged with your company and thus effortlessly build your brand. A mobile app can also enable you to target new consumers through visibility gained on the app stores. The investment in a mobile app for your business will quickly return and allow you to gain profit.

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