Why you should outsource your software development to Poland

Outsourcing to Poland offers high-quality software solutions, effective communication, and cost-efficiency, making it a prime choice for IT partnerships.

Key factors that help to decide

According to Statista.com, in 2017 almost 65% of companies outsourced their software application development and half of the respondents decided to also outsource software application maintenance. The decision to outsource a vital part of the business is always hard to make, however IT is one of the most frequently outsourced business tasks and there are a few key reasons as to why.

Just 20 years ago, Poland was invisible in the technology world. This has changed dramatically in recent years and Poland now ranks in the top software outsourcing destinations in the world. Every day, an increasing number of companies from different industries all around the world rely on Polish developers to deliver high-quality software.

Receive a high quality software solution

Poland has an increasing number of companies who specialise in software development. This is largely due to the increasing demand for outsourced software development projects. The need for these companies to stay competitive means that the quality of the software solutions developed remains high, giving you many opportunities to pick up the most reliable partner. Despite the fact that the Polish tech scene is not the most mature in Europe, Poland is growing rapidly and has a lot to be proud of. It currently occupies the 4th position in TopCoder’s global ranking. Additionally, Polish developers are well known for their proficiency and get the highest ranks in many international programming contests such as the Microsoft Imagine Cup or Google Code Jam.

Ensure you have good communication

Tech experts should be professional in their field of study but they also need soft skills too. The majority of developers in Poland use English on a daily basis and can easily communicate with client or other professionals from all around the world. For example at Headchannel Ltd., employees are encouraged to improve their interpersonal skills by taking part in special courses and weekly English language classes. As a result, the whole team can easily communicate with the client to create a powerful software solution.

Another important aspect affecting communication is having a time zone difference. It is difficult to communicate with people from the other side of the globe because their working hours may differ from yours. Fortunately, the time difference between Warsaw and London is only one hour. You can read more about time zones when outsourcing here.

Keep the costs low

There are economic reasons why you should outsource to Poland. According to many experts, it is a trustworthy economy. Additionally, whilst the quality of products remain high, the prices are lower than in many other outsourcing destinations. It is not about choosing the cheapest option but the best balance between price and quality, which is commonly found amongst Polish software development companies.

All these benefits, on their own, are not unique but put them all together they create an environment perfect for development and evolution. Poland has evolved into a technologically advanced country and while looking for an IT partner you should consider outsourcing there.

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