A system for managing contruction assets

Rockr app. a digital solution for construction asset management, centralizing information, enhancing collaboration, and using AI for efficient project handovers and accountability.

Our Client.

Innovation Factory

The Process Innovation Factory is a data and analytics consulting startup that strives to support the innovation of their clients using cutting-edge, bespoke digital solutions. They work with medium and large organisations throughout all stages of their innovation process, from planning and strategizing to physically implementing the end-product. The Process Innovation Factory work in partnership with their clients to find the right solution to achieve their goals.

Our challenge

A government client responsible for managing and delivering assets invited The Process Innovation Factory to support the development of an app that would manage information during the handover of construction assets.

Traditional talk-based project management tools had failed to meet their requirements. Projects often became disconnected due to the large number of suppliers involved and the sheer volume of information that needed to be managed. This disconnect would often result in duplication, misinterpretation, misinformation, and time wasted. The limited availability of audit trails, combined with this lack of organization also created challenges with accountability.

The Process Innovation Factory was tasked with creating a more regulated system of information management to clearly outline the steps that team members would need to take. This would create a more standardized, reliable and transparent information management process. Information would centralize, stakeholders would become more integrated, and best practices would be enforced.

The first steps

The Process Innovation Factory worked with their client to understand the challenges they were facing, their needs and their goals. Based on these discussions, they designed a machine learning model to connect and organize the vast quantity of text-based project information.

We were tasked with implementing an app to facilitate this model within a very limited time scale and budget. To achieve this we maximized our creativity, productivity and innovation to provide the best product for our client.

Our solution Rockr

Our app features

User and role management

Role based permissions allow users to provide access to the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Organisation-wide collaboration functions

Actions can be assigned to third parties, consultants and contractors. This facilitates and encourages collaboration between different stakeholders, and allows every member within a project to work as one unified team.

Review and sign-off management

Members within a team can be assigned accountability using a sign-off management system.

Integrated milestone manager

Projects can be managed against milestones to ensure activities are completed according to a project’s schedule.

AI-driven information discovery

Information can be discovered and connected using advanced machine learning models. Rockr does this by analysing projects in real-time, and creating recommendations based on them.

Integrated project handover planner

Project handovers are less time consuming and more organized using the handover planner.

Accountability and audit trails

An overview of the team members responsible for different tasks is provided using detailed digital audit trails.

Customisable project templates

Project templates are developed according to best practice, providing users with the opportunity to repeat successful project structures and workflows.

A story of success

The Rockr app has successfully met our clients’ requirements. We chose the best technology to fit those requirements, and we implemented them using best practice. The benefits of the Rockr app includes:

  • Greater transparency and control over information management processes
  • Less time and effort spent finding relevant files with the use of Rockr’s AI assistant
  • Greater accountability which can now be clearly assigned and tracked
  • The centralization of project information in one digital platform
  • Easier communication and collaboration between teams
  • Digitised administrative tasks that improve project and team efficiency

Project facts

  • Team – Developers 3 (Team Lead and Architect 1, Backend dev 1, Frontend dev 1), QA 1, BA 1, PM 1
  • Project management – Scrum
  • Technology – Asp.net Zero, Angular 10, .Net Core 3.1, Entity Framework Core, Redis, Quartz, MS SQL Server, Multitenancy, DDD