How a Unique Online Platform Revitalized Community Engagement and Support

Radio H-P is a UK-based online community founded by Nigel and Harry Hadden-Patton, aiding youth with modern challenges.

Our Client.

Radio H-P


In the heart of the UK, a unique and inspiring project emerged in 2019 – Radio H-P Ltd., conceptualized by ex-British Army major Nigel Hadden-Patton and his wife. This project was not just another commercial venture; it was a beacon of hope and assistance for younger generations grappling with the challenges of modern life. Nigel, leveraging his army experience and values, and his son Harry Hadden-Patton, a prominent British actor, played pivotal roles in sculpting Radio H-P into a reliable online community.

Genesis of Radio H-P

The seeds of Radio H-P were sown in 2012, years before its formal inception. Nigel noticed the struggles faced by the younger generation – financial constraints, mental stress, and the challenge of finding meaningful employment. Radio H-P was his way of extending a helping hand, just as he had received in the army. The platform began as a humble effort to assist friends with various needs, from holiday home rentals to job searches. As its reputation for reliability and integrity grew, so did its user base, evolving into a trusted network for buying, selling, and seeking various services.

Our Involvement

Our journey with Radio H-P commenced at a crucial juncture in 2023 when Harry approached us. The system, although advanced, needed expansion beyond the capabilities of their solitary, albeit skilled, developer. Our task was not just to enhance development but to assimilate a spectrum of services, including testing, DevOps, analysis, and project management, thereby taking Radio H-P to greater heights.

Transition and Innovation

The major hurdle was the project handover from the existing developer – understanding the intricacies of the code, architecture, and environment. Post-transition, our project manager dived deep into the project specifics, crafting a team tailor-made for Radio H-P’s needs. Our DevOps set up a new, consistent environment, and our full-stack developer, supported by QA, BA, and PM, embarked on the development journey, closely aligning with the client’s vision and priorities.

Features and Enhancements

Radio H-P prides itself on being a user-friendly and ethical online community. It maintains high standards of member behaviour, vetting postings, and intervening in disputes, all grounded in mutual respect and good manners. The occasional instances of misconduct are dealt with decisively, preserving the platform’s integrity. Since its inception, Radio H-P has significantly aided numerous young businesses and individuals, endorsing its efficacy and impact.

Benefits and Impact

Radio H-P is a testament to Nigel’s vision of a trustworthy and supportive online community. The platform has become a hub for fair and considerate transactions, a safe space in an era riddled with misinformation and online fraud. Our contribution has been pivotal in scaling the project, ensuring seamless functionality, and enhancing user experience.

Success Story

The story of Radio H-P is one of community, trust, and innovation. From a simple idea to help friends, it has grown into a sought-after network, a testament to Nigel and Harry’s vision and our technical expertise. We’ve not only maintained the essence of Radio H-P but have also infused it with new capabilities, ensuring its continued growth and relevance.

Project Facts

  • Team - 2 Full-stack Developers, 1 DevOps, 1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst, 1 Quality Assurance
  • Project Management- Agile for Production -Technology- Laravel, Vue, Tailwind CSS, MariaDB