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Real estate inspection app streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, cutting time.

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Lets Inspect

LetsInspect is a flexible and customisable inspection application which makes carrying out an inspection fast and easy. The main aims of the app were to cut the inspection times whilst ensuring that nothing was missed, eliminate paperwork and, most importantly, significantly reduce the time taken to generate reports and fix any issues discovered as a result of the inspection. We equipped it with powerful tools which help to save time and boost efficiency.


To simplify the inspection process, LetsInspect offers the following features:

Backend – used by the management team and accessed via the web:

  • Inspection template management – to create inspection templates, which can then be assigned to specific properties. Users create and choose categories, questions and answers which can be simple yes/no, numeric or free-text. When the inspection requires further answers, extra fields can be added
  • Properties – to manage properties which can be uploaded via spreadsheet or via an API connection from existing property management software. The property location can be displayed on a map, last inspection dates checked and new inspections scheduled if necessary
  • Inspections – to create, edit and review inspection schedules. Inspection reports can have additional photos attached prior to being downloaded as finished documents
  • E-mails – to set up e-mail notifications as part of an inspection, for example to alert a caretaker if there is an issue which needs immediate attention

Frontend – a mobile web-application for property managers/inspectors:

  • Draft inspections – to store current unfinished inspections as ‘draft’ both on the mobile device and online, making it easy for an inspector to take a break from an inspection and come back to finish it later
  • All properties – to display a list of all the properties along with their details and assigned inspections. The feature can be integrated via API to update automatically from back-office property management systems
  • My properties – to display a list of properties for which the inspector is responsible. Hitting the start button on a property allows an inspector to conduct an inspection right away
  • History – to display a list of all previously saved inspections, available from anywhere at any time. Users can view any attached photos and download the full inspection reports
  • Raised e-mails – to generate e-mail notifications following an inspection


  • Offline reporting – an internet connection is not required whilst conducting an inspection. Inspectors can use the app in offline mode and any changes will be synchronised with the web server once an internet connection becomes available later
  • Online storing – securely storing all of the inspection details online allows users to save space on the mobile device and eliminate the risk of missing inspection reports
  • Less administration work – using only one device and one app to conduct an inspection, users save hours of work. There is no longer a need to type up a report back in the office as they are automatically generated
  • Inspection time reduction – instead of writing everything down and then copying it into spreadsheets, users check off questions prepared beforehand
  • Report automation – reports concerning a specific property can be generated with a single click

Project facts

  • Team – Developers 3, QA 1, BA 2, PM 1
  • Project management – Waterfall
  • Technology – ASP.NET MVC, Razor, jQuery, Entity Framework