Talent management software for an event staffing company

Talistar's Talent Management Software Revolutionizes Event Staffing Industry.

Our Client.



Talistar is a leading provider of talent management software and strategic advice throughout the UK and European mainland and the Astrix platform, built especially for them, is a state-of-the-art recruitment software package that revolutionises the talent management industry. It offers a wide range of recruitment tools which enable businesses such as temporary employment agencies, hotels, restaurants and event management companies to streamline temporary staffing processes.

The platform provides a full circle recruitment offering, from growing and managing the talent pool through to compliance and finance. It handles every step of the recruitment process from application through to payroll and invoicing. The system was used by FIFA to manage the staffing of the stadiums in Brazil during the World Cup 2014.

What we’ve designed and delivered?

To improve the workflow of event staffing companies, we equipped the talent management software with the following features:

Office portal

  • Projects – to add and manage all the upcoming projects and shifts
  • Applicants – to view all the personal information of potential candidates to best match them with open job positions,
  • Venues – to store and display information about the event venues
  • Invoicing – to monitor and generate invoices that are automatically sent to clients,
  • Payroll – to generate payroll reports that are automatically sent to employees,
  • Administration – to manage all of the users and to create comprehensive reports,
  • Contacts – to securely store all the personal information of clients and their company representatives,

To provide further support to event staffing companies, both their clients and their employees can access the platform.

  • Client portal – clients can add and manage all the upcoming projects and shifts themselves and check if all the open positions are filled

  • Employee portal – after signing in for the first time, candidates complete an application form providing all the necessary information including their education and work experience. Once they have completed the onboarding and training process they are able to use the staff portal to indicate their availability and view jobs that have been scheduled for them.

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With our recruitment and talent management software, event staffing companies are able to:

  • Save time – automating most of their business processes enables office staff to focus on more challenging tasks,
  • Grow the candidate database – potential employees can access the web-based platform and send their application forms from anywhere at any time,
  • Control invoices – office staff can now generate and store all of the invoices and payroll reports in one place,
  • Improve communication – enabling clients and employees to access their own profiles reduces the need for phone calls and emails,
  • Generate reports – merging and analysing data is the best way to discover your business weaknesses and improve them,
  • Keep data secured – all data is encrypted and access to the software is limited so that employees can securely store all of their information.

Success story

When Talistar asked us to redevelop their existing recruitment and talent management software the need for such solutions was greater than ever. Since that time we have managed to create a platform which enables people from all over Europe to find temporary employment and event staff companies to find temporary staff. The solution is currently available in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with more countries soon to be added.

Project facts

  • Team – Developers 16 (Team Lead 1, Backend dev 12, Frontend dev 2, Xamarin dev 1), UX Designer 2, Architect 1, QA 3, BA 4, PM 1
  • Project management – Scrum for production and Kanban for maintenance
  • Technology – AngularJS, HTML/CSS, SASS, Gulp, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, Angular, Azure Web Jobs, Azure SQL Server, Azure App Service, Azure Storage, Redis Cache, Autofac, Xamarin