Top 5 features of an event management software

Event management software is essential, featuring budget, on-site functionality, staff recruitment, attendee management, and campaign tools for effective event planning.

According to Capterra, nearly 40% of people were dissatisfied with their event management software because of a lack of features. For full functionality, your event management software should be tailored especially for your business and for specific events. At the same time, there are some features that should be a part of every event management software. Bizzabo Blog communicates that the majority of marketers plan to invest more resources on events in the future. Below, you will find examples of why event management software is important.

What is event management software

Event management software is a powerful solution, offering a set of tools that cover different aspects of the process of creating, running and evaluating events. Event management software is an end-to-end solution present from the initial to post-event stages.

Top 5 features

Budget and database management Thanks to this module, budget management becomes significantly easier and it allows you to monitor business funds and expenses. You can also re-estimate the expenses during every stage of planning the event. Additionally, you can track deals and transactions, save all the details, manage invoices and have control.

The database used for budget management is often considered to be the core of event management software. It collates all the data collected during processes such as registration, analysing the industries or acquiring guests. It then allows for you to create mailing lists, on-site guest lists or time schedules of the events. Database and budget modules keep all the necessary and important information in one place for you and are available at any time

On-site functionality The most important thing during an event is the functionality and ease of using the event management software. With this solution on board, you can easily manage meetings, create lists of attendees or update all the information on social media on the spot. The software should also enable you to create real-time reports to give your employees more control over the constantly changing situation. In the reports, they should be able to find key information such as number of attendees, timetables or revenues.

With all the data in one place, it is easier to process guests’ arrivals or track attendees. Moreover, to increase the flow of information you should be able to print any necessary documents such as brochures, agendas, badges, and labels directly from the database.

Staff recruitment management Alongside event management software, in order to create and carry the event, you need qualified and experienced staff. Event management software should also allow you to quickly find and recruit more people to work for you if you need it. For example, our staff management software users to manage their staff and seasonal workers on many levels and facilitates recruitment. With a powerful database of potential employees, you can segregate and choose which specialists you need. The software solution shows the complete list of temporary employees available on particular dates and qualified for the job. You can get more information about our staff management software and other useful solutions we have developed here.

Attendee management

To improve your efficiency, the software should also be equipped with a module where you can manage all matters regarding attendees. It is important to give people the chance to register and buy tickets online. It is a dynamic and easy way to help people get to the event. With the list of attendees you can control many aspects of an event, for example, monitoring the registered attendees and providing them with the best service.

Additionally, with the list of participants and guests, your staff can have the number of people attending the event under control and can also distribute vital materials such as badges, labels, brochures, and schedules to everybody who needs them. In the event management system, you can also create an online community by allowing people to communicate and create common memories.

Campaign management and event marketing

Event management software should also be equipped with a tool which streamlines the process of promoting your event. This software should allow you to manage all your campaigns on social media, mailing or blog sites from one place. To achieve promotional campaign success you should also create an online community. Give people a tool to communicate with each other, exchange their experiences and memories to win their hearts. You can share videos, send newsletters and information updates to all the participants and create a source of knowledge to broaden your reach and create a community around the event. To attract more people, you can also create and distribute discounts and coupons to create loyal customers and attendees.

All companies are different, so to be sure you are working on an appropriate and effective software solution you should use a bespoke software solution. If you are looking for one, contact us, HeadChannel and you will be provided with tailored software especially for you.

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